Baggage Information


Excess baggage

With your ticket, you can carry a handbag and one piece of luggage that does not exceed 15 kg. When you exceed the regulatory limit, you will have to pay the amounts corresponding to the excess luggage, which are governed by the parcel service rates of the transport company. In this case, you must present yourself at least one hour before the trip at the agency of the terminal from where you will depart, and there you will be informed of the amount to pay.

Traveling with pets

Due to the company's hygiene and safety regulations, it is strictly forbidden to transport animals on the bus.

Luggage restrictions

It is strictly forbidden to transport the following items as luggage in Plusmar units: · Explosives, flares, firecrackers, fireworks · Flammable materials such as: fuel, paint, solvent, lighter fluids · Compressed gases: butane gas, oxygen bottles, camping gas bottles · Weapons: loaded firearms, ammunition, gunpowder, tear gas, pepper spray. Unloaded firearms are dispatched only by police authority and/or gendarmerie · Corrosives: spillable batteries, ammonia · Other dangerous materials: gasoline tools, camping articles with fuel, radioactive material (including radiopharmaceuticals), oxidants, corrosives, poison · Bicycles, furniture, boxes, televisions, radios.

Lost luggage

If at the end of your trip you notice that your luggage is missing, you should go to a company agency located at the nearest bus terminal to report what happened. Any claim related to belongings or transported luggage must be made before leaving the terminal and invariably within 24 hours of the end of the trip; you must fill out the corresponding loss form and accredit it by presenting the corresponding ticket or luggage control slip, plus the original travel ticket that you own. You must also file and present the corresponding police report, with the previously mentioned documentation. If you forget any item or hand luggage inside the unit, you should call the Customer Service Department (0810-999-1111). In this case, the company will not be responsible if the lost material is not recovered.

Recovering my luggage

After making the corresponding claim, you should contact the Customer Service (0810-999-1111) to track and recover, if necessary, your luggage.