Commercial terms


Check if the date, time, price, and destination match your requirements. To travel, you must print the ticket and present it to the conductor. If the ticket is nominative, it is non-transferable. The ticket is only valid for the day, time, and services specified on it. No claims will be accepted at the bus door or agencies.

1- Returns: Tickets purchased online via Plusmar DO NOT HAVE THE OPTION TO BE CHANGED. They can be returned (*1) only by the CARDHOLDER and by paying the penalties or retentions indicated below, in the following ways: -Online through the website where it was purchased or through (for returns only) or by requesting the refund here, taking into account our customer service hours.

IMPORTANT: a) Returns will only be accepted up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure of the service, without exception. b) Emails received outside our customer service hours will be responded to the next day. Please remember to consider this information, especially in cases of ticket returns, as you may lose the entire ticket amount. c) Ticket returns involve the following retentions according to M.T.N 1317/53: 30% within 24 hours prior to the bus departure, 20% within 48 hours prior to the bus departure, and 10% with more than 48 hours notice before the bus departure.

2- Luggage: Your ticket entitles you to carry one handbag weighing up to 20 kg, in accordance with Res. ST 47/1995. Otherwise, please consult the excess baggage costs with the service conductor.

3- Credit card transactions are authorized by NPS Argentina S.A., a service enabled and approved by all credit card authorizers in Argentina. The use, credit conditions, interest rates, payment methods, and other conditions applicable to credit cards are the sole responsibility of the card issuer.

4- Transactions with Rapipago must be paid within 10 hours after the payment voucher is issued; after that period, it will not be valid. You can present either the printed voucher or its number. Once the payment is processed, a copy of the ticket will be sent to the provided email address. In case of a refund, only the CARDHOLDER can manage it by presenting the voucher with the refund amount and their ID (no exceptions). Rapipago applies an additional retention percentage to the transportation company's penalty in case of a refund.

5- Tickets purchased or refunded through Plusmar have a service charge.

6- For international services, passengers must comply with all government requirements for traveling to and from a country. is not responsible for expenses and inconveniences caused by the passenger's failure to comply with those requirements. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 9 pm, Sundays and holidays from 11 am to 7 pm (Western time).

7- Purchase subject to verification: Any ticket purchased under this type of contract and prepaid with a credit card, debit card, or any other electronic payment method is subject to verification by In case of any irregularity, the ticket holder (passenger) may be required to provide clear and concrete evidence of the payment method used for purchasing the ticket. This evidence must be presented to the authorities at the bus terminal or the corresponding transportation agency before the service is provided. reserves the right to cancel a transaction in any case it deems necessary, informing the customer via the email or phone provided at the time of online purchase or through the call center. All transactions are verified, and if any irregularities are found, the purchase will be canceled without prior notice.

8- Minors traveling: Please check the requirements and necessary documentation by clicking here. It is the passenger's responsibility to present all the corresponding documentation before traveling. Failure to meet the requirements will result in the loss of the entire service, without exceptions.

9- The jurisdiction for the transaction is the location of the processing entity, which governs the contractual relationship between the merchant and the cardholder.

10- All credit and debit card transactions are charged at the point of purchase. Please note that your credit and/or debit card will be charged directly at the time of the transaction.

11- Privacy policy.

(*1) Tickets issued with promotional rates cannot be refunded or changed in any way.