Legal benefits, discounts and student tickets

In person (at the ticket office)

With a disability certificate or CUD

If you have a valid disability certificate, you are entitled to free transportation on national services. To access this service, you must present yourself at the ticket office of the company you wish to travel with, carrying your valid disability certificate and your identity document. The procedure is personal, it must be carried out at least 48 hours before the trip, and it is advisable to bring a set of photocopies of the referred documents.

With INCUCAI credentials

If you have an INCUCAI credential, you can go to the ticket office and request the corresponding ticket. If you are travelling with a companion, you must present a medical certificate authorizing them.

Online ticket reservation request

With a disability certificate, CUD or INCUCAI credentials

If you have a CUD certificate or INCUCAI credentials, you can reserve the ticket through our website.

The system will allow you to reserve tickets for the beneficiary and their companion (for cases where they are authorized), for both the outward and return journey. Once the request with its corresponding number has been generated, you must go in person to the company's ticket office to convert that request into a ticket, with the company obliged to grant you the reserved ticket(s). If you decide not to travel, we ask you to log into the system to cancel the reservation, thus freeing up the space to be used by another person with a disability.

How to access the system to obtain a ticket reservation request?

Enter here and or on the C.N.R.T website, fill in the required fields. You will have the opportunity to view all services (common, common with air and semi-bed) available for the chosen destination.

REMEMBER: This is a reservation system, you will need to go to the corresponding ticket offices from the moment you made the reservation and up to 48 hours before making the trip to issue your ticket. It is essential to bring the application code number.

The system offers the High Contrast Version option for colorblind people and those with reduced vision. It is also adapted to be used with screen reader software on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.